Price list

Over the top Wedding Package Clients with a budget of $50,000 or more.  This will benefit you because you will get everything you wanted in your dream wedding and more will come true.  You know what you want so why not go all out.  It'll be a night to remember.  This package includes everything taken care of by the wedding planner from the beginning to the end.  Everything will be done by the wedding planner and confirmed by the client that they are sure that is what they want. Price starts at $20,000
Full Wedding Package Clients with a budget less $50,000.  Who says you can't have a glamorous wedding on a budget.  You will get everything you want but on a budget and we'll stick to it and even save you money along the way.  Everything will be taken care of by the wedding planner and confirmed by the clients.  This night is something that all your guests will always talk about. Price starts at $7,000
Partial Wedding Package Clients that have already started the wedding process but just need help in certain areas and pulling everything together neatly.  You've already done most of the work so you should be credited for it.  All we will do is take over from where you left off and make that bride's vision come to life.  It's like Cinderella's dreams coming true. Price starts at $2,500
Day-of-Coordinator Clients who basically did everything and just want someone to make sure the day runs smoothly.  Well that will definitely happen but my job begins 30 days before the big day.  We will make sure everything is in order and that there won't be any mishaps with any vendors.  We make sure everything runs smoothly so that everything you put together is exactly how you pictured it Price starts at $1,200
Wedding Consultation Clients that know that they don't want to have someone plan their wedding but would like some advice or help planning different aspects of the wedding so they can go and do it on their own.  We will give you all of the advice and tips that we can provide you either over the phone or face to face.  This is your day and you chose what you want to do. $50/hour
Destination Wedding Clients who choose to have their wedding at a completely different location will love this.  You get to choose from one of the packages above and then room, board, and other accommodations is added.  So you're only paying extra for having me travel to the location of your wedding.  It will be just as special but in a completely different location and it'll be like a dream. Price starts at $1,500
Kids Birthday Party We love kids and want to make sure that they enjoy themselves.  Plus we all know how they can get out of hand sometimes especially when you have a whole group of them running around.  We make sure that their party is like it is coming from a fairytale. Price starts at $1,250
Adult Birthday Party Who says kids are the only ones who can party.  Adults like to have fun too Price starts at $2,000
Bachelorette Party The Bride-To-Be will be having the time of her life with her girls and yes these thins can definitely get a little wild.  All we can say is Girls just wanna have fun.  This is the time to do it before you become one with your significant other Price starts at $750
Baby Shower Is it a girl or boy? This will be the time everyone will know if it's not known already.  We want to celebrate the life of the special newborn who is soon to come.  This will be a special day for our mom-to-be because we all know that in the next few months it'll consist of sleepless nights.  Let's enjoy the pregnancy while it lasts. Price starts at $750
Bar or Bat Mitzvah Celebrate your child's big day from transitioning from a child to an adult in style.  On this day we go with whatever theme your child wants and go all out to make sure your child and their friends are having the time of their lives.  You only have a bar or bat mitzvah once Prices start at $1500
Corporate Events/Luncheons Your with your co-workers 5 days out of the week for several hours at a time.  There is nothing like getting to know them on a more personal level when it's not work related.  These are the times you get to see who your co-workers really are and will enjoy yourselves doing it Price starts at $500
Banquests/Fundraisers We all know how important these banquets are and want to make sure you get the most out of it.  No matter what the reason for your banquet we will make it one of a kind and something that will have to happen annually Price starts at $1,000
Dinner Parties We will help you with your special dinner party. It could be just something special with you and your loved one like a date night or something with a few close friends and family. We will host from beginning to the end and bring your dinner party to life with beauty and elegance Price starts at $1,200
Other various events There's always some type of event that needs to be attendee to and we will take on any challenge.  Bring it on and let's have fun Price is TBD