Need Staff for your event?

Sometimes all we need is waitstaff for our events.  This is something that we can provide for you.  All of our waitstaff are professionals and have been in the hospitality industry for a minimum of 2 years serving events for small intimate affairs to very large banquets and galas. 

We also provide captains to help ensure that your waitstaff has a point person and are following a highly skilled and knowledgable person.  We reccomend a captain for all events hiring waitstaff.


Waiters/Waitresses: $25 per hour per Waiter/Waitress

Bartenders: $30 per hour per Bartender

Captains: $35 per hour per Captain

Host/Hostess: $25 per hour per Host/Hostess

Coat Check: $25 per hour per Coat Check

Helper/Barback/Set-Up Crew: $25 per hour per crew member

Valet: $35 per hour per Valet member


Gratuity is not added but greatly appreciated Smile